Membership Journals

Membership Journals are now a traditional way to reach an established readership base. They represent an attractive reason to join, and be part of, a membership-based organisation.

Membership Journals are industry-specific and can include news updates, sector issues, job opportunities, featured articles, appropriate re-prints and general membership information.

What we can do:

  • Plan the right style, content and tone
  • Establish the best way to communicate with your audience
  • Co-ordinate sourcing of written material
  • Edit and proof-read existing publications
  • Advise on design and layout
  • Source images and graphics
case study

Case Study:

'Counselling at Work' Journal for the 'Association for Counselling At Work'


Quarterly Journal, 7+ articles on Employee Support plus news items.


A4, 40 page format, full colour Journal.
Source and co-ordinate article selection.
Editorial management and control.

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