Programme Development

We're all looking for that next 'Millionaire', 'Dragon's Den' or 'X Factor'. As commissioning can occur several years before transmission, new programme ideas need to embrace the present whilst projecting into the future.

TCWS can work with individuals or teams to brainstorm programme ideas and concepts. We look 'outside the box' whilst standing in it.

What we can do:

  • Establish your aims
  • Review current titles and strategies
  • Assess current commissioning trends
  • Brain-storm new ideas, from variations to new concepts
  • Explore new programme revenue opportunities

Please visit Wigwag TV at for our dedicated TV development website

case study

Case Study:

A major independent production house.


Come up with new programme ideas.


Developed 40 new programme ideas.
Provided strategic considerations.
Offered format extensions and developments.
Considered a range of additional revenue opportunities.

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