All good scripts go through a number of re-drafts whether for stage, screen or film. However, it can be difficult for writers to get an objective assessment on their progress. TCWS can review your script, providing honest, sensitive and constructive feedback.

Our feedback is based on how a producer might respond to the script. We look for ways to enhance the work and drive it forward.

What we can do:

  • Work on a log-line, step-outline, treatment or rough draft
  • Consider how the story, narrative and plot develops and works
  • Review how characters are believable, original and clearly motivated
  • Assess the dramatic context, including roles of protagonists and antagonists
  • Comment on structure and arcing, including 3 act structure
case study

Case Study:

'Robert and the Spider' (short film)


To provide a review and assessment of the script.
To offer ways to enhance and improve the story and execution.


Feedback with analysis and improvement options.

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