Script-writing services

TCWS can source individuals or teams to develop a script on a chosen topic. We can find writers who can script different genre - comedy, drama, romcoms, sitcoms, horror, sci-fi - and everything in between.

What we can do:

  • Source a writer or a writing team
  • Provide input on script development
  • Draft a log-line, treatment, step-outline or script draft
  • Progress a script along the development continuum
  • Provide feedback and assessment on stories, plots and characterisation
case study

Case Study:

'Unlucky Seven' (short script).


Write a Short Film script under 10 minutes.
Must be developed with a low budget in mind.
Limit locations and external 'shots'.
Focus on a few key characters.


Created a script based on a female foreign correspondent in a war-zone.

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